What to Consider in 2021: Replacement or iPhone Repairs in Vancouver

If your iPhone screen cracks or its battery malfunctions in 2021, you may consider replacement over iPhone repairs in Vancouver. Yes, replacement is a great solution with no hassles of waiting for technicians to repair it. Plus, you get a brand new iPhone in your hands. However, you may have ignored that iPhones are costly, so buying a new one instantly is never a good deal. To help you save your hard-earned money in 2021, we have compiled the top 5 reasons to convince you of the repair.

Our 5 Reasons to Convince You in 2021 with iPhone Repairs over Replacement in Vancouver:

  1. Saving the Environment: Manufacturers and phone stores have started taking the steps to recycle electronic devices to save the planet from e-waste. However, e-waste is unstoppable when consumers replace their phones. According to a 2020 report, e-waste grew 21% compared to the previous five years as people dumped high-value materials. If you consider the replacement option, you will contribute to polluting the environment. Hence, iPhone repair is an eco-friendly option for you.
  2. Saving Your Money: We have already mentioned that iPhones are big-ticket phones. On the other hand, iPhone repairs are economical when comparing them with the cost of a new iPhone. Therefore, you have to contemplate repairing your iPhone over replacement to save your money on purchasing a novel iPhone.
  3. Saving Your Time: We mentioned before in this post that buying a new iPhone is timesaving than iPhone repairs. What if you place your iPhone order online or have to wait in line to buy a new one? Will it save your time? Mostly, phone repairs take less than a few hours. So, you will save your time in Vancouver with iPhone repair. Hence, you must consider iPhone repairs over replacement so that you can get your phone back on time.
  1. Educational and Entertaining for Your Children: Keeping your old phone can help your children get some entertainment or education. Therefore, instead of purchasing a new device, you can consider keeping your old phone after repair. This way, your phone can become a hand-me-down device for your child. Plus, you may help your child get the entertainment with it during camping or a road trip.
  1. Supporting a Local Business: Local repair shops exist to serve customers like you at fair prices. Moreover, these shops employ and train phone technicians to make it convenient for you to repair your faulty phones. So, benefitting from a local iPhone repair shop in Vancouver means you are contributing to a local business. Thus, both local businesses and you are at an advantage with phone repair in Vancouver.


You must consider iPhone repairs in Vancouver over replacements with broken iPhones in 2021 because of the following reasons:

  1. You save the environment.
  2. You save your money.
  3. You save your time.
  4. You save your old iPhone as a hand-me-down device.
  5. You contribute to a local business and save your device.

Are you convinced: iPhone repair is a better alternative in 2021 than replacements?

Cell Doctor (https://www.gocelldoctor.ca/) is an authorized repair service in Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, Prince George, and Burnaby that performs cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and DSLR camera repairs at affordable rates.

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