Best Mobile Screen Protection In India In 2021

Mobile phones today form an integral part of our lives not just as a source of entertainment but also as a source of information and learning. With the pandemic hitting the world and work from home and online schooling become the new normal we are more dependent on our phones to stay connected with our colleagues, teachers, and friends. Looking at the rising need of smartphones people are buying costly high-end mobile phones with amazing look and features. But what if your phone stops working as a result of damage to the phone or the screen?

This means for additional cost of repair or replacement which can go up to thousands of rupees. If you do not want to spend another thousands of rupees for the repair or replacement of your phone you must ensure that you have Bajaj Finserv’s Mobile Protection Plan which includes the benefit of Mobile Screen Protection Cover along with many other benefits. Mobile insurance in India can be availed through both online and offline modes by paying affordable premiums and gaining high coverage. The process of buying best mobile insurance in india is easy. All you have to do is login into Bajaj Finserv’s website and submit your application form and documents. Once the documents are verified, you can pay using any online mode of payment.

Why to Buy Mobile Phone Insurance?

  • Repairing or replacing a phone is not as easy now. A phone repair or replacement may cost you in thousands. Hence, with a mobile insurance plan in place you can save this cost.
  • Phone manufacturers provide 1 year warranty that is only limited to mechanical damage but not for screen damage or damage caused due to water/liquid, accidental damage, theft etc. With the Bajaj Finserv’s Mobile Protection Plan you can get coverage for all the various types of damages at affordable premiums.
  • For protection for theft and mechanical damage
  • Your mobile insurance will cover for the repair cost and so you do not have to get your phone repaired from an unauthorized center that may repair your phone at lower cost but exposes your phone to the risk of being installed with duplicate items.

Which is the Mobile Insurance in India?

After reviewing the insurance provided by various insurance provider, the best Mobile Screen Protection Cover is offered by Bajaj Finserv. The renowned insurance brand offers two variants of the Mobile Protection Plan- CPP MOBILE PROTECT and CPP FONESAFE LITE.

As per the two plans the following benefits are offered-

  • CPP MOBILE PROTECT- This Mobile Protection Plan by Bajaj Finserv will provide you with coverage for the cost incurred in the replacement of your damaged phone. You can get a cover for up to 100% of the base value of the invoice.
  • CPP FONESAFE LITE- This Mobile Screen Protection Plan by Bajaj Finserv offers complimentary mobile screen protection service.

Several mobile insurance companies offer exciting deals but do not fulfill those when you want to claim for your damaged phone and hence it is necessary to know that was is not covered in your insurance cover. In case of the Bajaj Finserv Mobile Protection Plan the following is not covered-

  • Damage to your mobile phone because of pollution
  • Liquid damages to the display of the phone are not covered under the CPP FONESAFE LITE subscription.
  • Damage due to electric or mechanical breakdown is not covered under CPP MOBILE PROTECT but is covered under CPP FONESAFE LITE.

The subscription of these plans is available for a period of 1 year and also comes with a 1-year Gaana Plus subscription.


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