Best Apple iPhones Which You Can Buy in 2021

Apple mobiles offer far-ranging options to its customers. Zeroing in on the most suitable alternative can be an uphill task. It is not always about investing in the latest phone or the most high-end model. Apple believes in supporting its models for an extensive period. Hence, purchasing an older iPhone is always a feasible option. And once you own an Apple mobile, you can be assured of its premium service and versatility even after years of usage.

Apple’s next flagship model’s launch in September (iPhone 13) is still doing the rounds. There has been no formal announcement, and hence, you can purchase one among the existing iPhones without any inner conflict or dilemma. We present you with some of the best Apple iPhones that you may contemplate purchasing in 2021.

iPhone 11

Before the launch of the iPhone 12 and its variants, iPhone 11 had captured the imagination of Apple’s loyalists. The successor of the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 impressed the tech-savvy consumers with its futuristic technology and other top-grade features. iPhone 11 is the most worthwhile option if you yearn to savour unmatched convenience brought by the phone’s seamless interface at a much lesser cost.

Though the phone resembles its predecessors in design and build, it packs a punch with its powerful processor and improved camera abilities. The most striking feature of the iPhone 11 is its camera, a blessing for all photogenic individuals. The rear of this premium phone from Apple sports a dual-camera setup of 12 megapixels each.

Though the model lacks a telephoto lens, the ultra-wide sensor happens to make up for its absence. Among its stunning imaging qualities, the Night Mode stands out, wherein you can capture brightly lit images with pristine clarity in the darkest of surroundings. The Portrait mode, too, has received an upgrade from the previous generation of Apple mobiles. iPhone 11’s potential to allow video editing — videos boasting of 4K resolution — at 60fps depicts the processor’s strength and robust nature. This phone paves the way for a seamless experience for an extensive period.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you can afford to go all out with your budget, purchasing the biggest ever Apple mobile seems to be the most fitting decision. iPhone 12 Pro Max exudes the essence of luxury and grandeur. Apple has imparted this phone with a marvellous artistic design and OLED display, which will leave you spell-bound.

The brand has further thinned out the bezels, which infuse it with a trendy look. Its sleek structure is complemented by the mature, attractive colour choice — Graphite, Gold, Silver and Pacific Blue. Apple mobiles and their popularity stem from several features, which an Android handset is deficient in. One of the most popular attributes of an iPhone that sets it apart from its contemporaries is its imaging quality. An iPhone is invincible in the sphere of camera quality and imaging filters, with no obvious competitor in close sight. And among the various iPhone models, the iPhone 12 Pro Max outshines others in all aspects.

The phone houses a triple camera configuration at the back — a primary lens and ultra-wide sensor of 12MP each, and a 2.5x telephoto zoom. Images snapped in the dark proved to be a treat to the eyes as both the ultrawide lens and the primary shooter come with the Night Mode feature. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is also the most powerful performing Apple mobile. You can indulge in the most laborious and arduous of activities on your device without slowing it down.

iPhone SE

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is for those who can dig deep into their pockets. On the contrary, the iPhone SE is for individuals who come with a limited budget. The design of this affordable model is similar to other Apple mobiles, which confirms its artistic appeal. Even though it is the cheapest iPhone, there is no compromise on quality and performance. The A13 Bionic chipset will amaze you with its stunning speed and delivery.

Applications open with lightning speed, and you can feel a seamless transition from one app to another. In this sphere, the iPhone SE can give the iPhone 8 a run for its money. The 12MP single sensor at the back is infused with modern features, which result in crystal-clear pictures. Images clicked in the Portrait Mode using the 7MP front lens are top-notch, allowing you to stand out amid a blurred backdrop. Purchase the iPhone SE if you wish to own a best-value handset.

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