TikTok is reducing the staff of Indian franchise after the countrywide long-standing ban.

TikTok has said that they are very sad to say this that they are going to reduce the workforce in India due to the longstanding ban.

More than seven months have passed since India has imposed a countrywide TikTok ban. Because of this ban TikTok has officlally decided to reduce the number of employees in its Indian workforce. According to Nikkei Asia, it has been reported that TikTok is official withdrawing from India, this has been reported from several sources from the TikTok company as well.

A representative of TikTok has said that it has not decided to completely withdraw from India, but it has decided to reduce the numbers in its workforce in India.

A representative of TikTok told that because of the lack of help and assistance from the government of India, it has no other choice but to get away from the Indian market as they are not getting any advantages out of it, they also said that they hope that soon the issue can be resolved, despite it being there for seven months. They said that they are hoping once the situation is finally done, they can get started with releasing TIkTok again in India and can help millions of artists, educators, story-tellers, users, and numerous other performances showcase their voices and actions.

India was a huge market for TikTok before the ban, it comprised of 30 percent of the total downloads from India alone, and before the ban the application had a total of 160+ million users just from India alone.

Indian government said that TikTok was banned because it was against the defense, integrity, and security of India. After this statement from Indian government, the head of the TikTok India said that they have not shared any data of its Indian users with the Chinese government, and that they were all rumors. Not only India, but other countries banned TikTok and reopened it again. Only time will tell if India will reopen TikTok or not.




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