Spy planes of Baltimore won’t be flying anymore.

This program consecutively took high-res pictures of the entire city. Baltimore, Maryland’s officials have 100% come to the conclusion that they won’t be letting any spy plane program run, especially ones that are for surveillance reasons. Apparently, the Baltimore Police Department had a program that was to do surveillance through spy planes. Who knew this was going on?

And the program apparently was called by the name of “AIR” which stood for Aerial Investigation Research. This program was looked over by a company with the name of “Persistent Surveillance System”, judging by the name, it is a very friendly and simple name that people wouldn’t put much eyes on. It operated by utilizing airplanes and taking high-res pictures of the city by capturing them through cameras. It could take pictures over a 32-mile radius. One more thing that was interesting was that the Baltimore Police Department was apparently paying for the program, it was not paid by the city funds, if it would have then there would be a public outcry.

The funding for the program apparently came from two billionaires from Texas. The Baltimore Police Department admitted that they used the spy planes to spy on the residents of Baltimore in the year 2016. It ran for 6 months and seeing this, a lawsuit was filed by ACLU because it violated the privacy of the residents.

ACLU has said that they won’t back down no matter the odds, they think that this is immoral and this was done without the consent of the general public of Baltimore, and if they had allowed this to go on as it is, then other agencies would be doing it as well, and there would be no stop to such kind of immoral behavior. The case is yet to be heard; the hearing will happen next month.





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