Questions to Ask CPAs to Find a Professional Accountant

    Bookkeeping software has been famous among small business owners for good reasons. Still, you cannot overlook hiring a professional accountant in Canada to benefit from his/her accounting expertise as a business owner. The best CPA can assist you more than your expectations. For instance, a CPA can give you the right guide and advice concerning your business than just preparing business taxes. If you want to take full advantage of an accountant in Canada, you have to find the right one for business. You can only set the stage for your business to establish a long-term relationship with an accountant by finding one.

    The Plan on Hiring the Right CPA:-

    Do not waver taking your time and doing some research before hiring the right CPA. The right accountant is the one who can take your business to the next level with his/her professional accounting expertise. A CPA can aid you in making the right business decisions. For example, a CPA may guide you through incorporating a business or not or expand your business. If you have the plan of hiring the right CPA, you can easily find one. The best way to find the right accountant in CPA for you involves interviewing the CPA you find online. So, prepare some questions beforehand to ensure you find the right accountant for your business. However, do not forget that you will need to contact an accounting firm online to interview its CPA (s) online.

    Questions You Can Ask Your Potential CPA:-

    Here is a list of basic questions you can benefit from and find the right professional accountant for your business:

    Q1. Are you a designated CPA? Never forget that a bookkeeper or a financial adviser cannot give the advice and have the skills like CPAs. In addition, CPAs have to meet specific education & experience requirements and pass their final exam successfully. Moreover, CPAs must maintain their respective provincial CPA membership program that requires professional development training. Thus, make sure that you are hiring a CPA and not a bookkeeper or a financial advisor for your business.

    Q2. How does the Billing work? First, the CPA must tell you the breakdown of fees you have to pay him/her for the service. For example, a CPA may charge you for phone or email advice.

    Q3. What is His/Her Mode of Communication? Is the prospective CPA comfortable communicating through text or email, or by phone, or in person? You can think about your day-to-day business operations to determine the mode of communication suitable for both of you.

    Q4. Is the Prospective CPA familiar with your business accounting needs? Different business owners have different needs for accounting to manage their business operations. Thus, it is sagacious to find out if your potential accountant is familiar with the way your business operates in Canada.

    How to Utilize an Accountant for Your Business Profitably?

    You can keep your accounting costs down if you evade making a blunder on paying an accountant for simple data entry tasks. Instead, make use of bookkeeping software to let your accountant dive into complex accounting tasks. Intricate accounting tax includes bank account reconciliation, business tax returns, payroll, or capital depreciation calculations.

    Be Clear and Pragmatic about Your Business Expectations:-

    You must know your business priorities when hiring a CPA. For instance, you may need accounting assistance to benefit from tax-saving opportunities. In addition, you may want to hire an accountant to develop strategies for securing your finances. Consider your business short and long-term goals to invest your time and energy in building an accounting relationship with a CPA.


    Hiring a professional accountant is crucial if you want to benefit from the best accounting expertise for your business. You can hire the right CPA for your business if you get the answers to some important questions in advance. For example, you may ask the prospective CPA about his/her accounting knowledge, the preferred mode of communication, and billing procedure. When utilizing the accounting services of a CPA, remain clear and practical about your business’s short and long-term goals.

    Author Bio:-

    Sohail Afzal is a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and the Founding Partner of a professional accounting firm, GTA Accounting. He understands the needs of small-scale businesses & corporations and offers them tax advice to overcome their tax burdens. He is a professional author who often writes articles related to accounting.

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