NASA’s rocket test shuts down early.

The rocket’s test only lasted for a minute or so.

The NASA rocket test was done and it only lasted over a minute or so on Saturday. The rocket test was important as this rocket test was a part of an important program, called the “Artemis” program which would take the astronauts back to the Moon again. This trial was vital, but unfortunately it only lasted for a minute or so.

While the SLS Green Run rocket was doing the trial, the four engines of the SLS rocket fired for only more than a minute and they shut down right after. The entire team wanted to run the engines for more than 8 minutes, but it was cut down by 6 or so minutes. This 8-minute mark is the goal for NASA because they want their rockets to start and launch in 8 minutes for their revisiting of Moon program or any other future missions that NASA has plans for.

SLS program manager, John Honeycutt said that the engines only started for about a minute or so and that they had checked that there was a flash in the fourth engine which made them shut down the entire process, because there was a major component failure in the fourth engine. They think that the flash in the fourth engine happened right around the thermal protection blanket. Although this is a rough guess, they still do not know the exact reason for the shutdown.

According to NASA’s blog post, it is said that the flight software, which is fully automated ended the test all by itself. Whilst the test was going, the software observed something wrong and shut the engines down. NASA says that whatever it was, it will be fixed easily by going to the drawing board. They are really confident and they also know it will take time to rectify it.





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