In order to prepare bread, the players of Breath of the Wild are having a race at it.

Beating the Legend of Zelda: Breathing the Wild as soon as possible? Boring—we’ve seen the speed run before. These days, the Speedy Gonzaleses performing in BOTW are seeking more mysterious and unusual races, the one where you can see how easily you can go home and die, and the one where you race for a wedding.

But the coolest speedrun of late has to be the percent bread, a dumb group that saw a handful of new entries for its leaderboard in mid-January. The goal is simple: get the goods to make a loaf of bread and cook. As is typical in any form of BOTW speed-run, this feat includes clipping through sections of the map, using a whistling mechanic to travel faster, and, of course, a bare chested Link.

The new high score clocks at 19:44:700, the time of the Xeryph speedrunner., you can watch Connection Shield surfing over frosty plains to gather the required powers to escape the original Great Plateau region. There are a lot of “bullet speed bounces” that Link needs to obtain massive air via Bokoblin, along with the trick of taking out weapons while dropping to lessen the impact. From there, connect catapults himself to another section of the map, near the Tabantha Frontier, where he begins immediately to cut grass. The aim is to find wheat that drops randomly—apparently, this portion of the jokey speedrun can be enhanced, as Xeryph states in the YouTube description that the wheat RNG is “bad.”

It’s not clear if this speedrun category is going to have legs in the long term, but for now, I just appreciate that we’re paying more attention to the overlooked cooking parts of Breath of the Wild. Xeryph holds quite a few records in this game, and that is something the speedrun always brings for everyone.



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