How To Maximize Your Dab Rig Experience

Smokers are very familiar with the water pipe for smoking oils or concentrate, that is, a dab rig. However, if you want to maximize your dabbing experience, you can make use of certain tips. Here are the tips you can follow to make your smoking experience amazing:

  1. Utilize Glovers: Concentrate oils are slimed, so touching your oil with your bare hands is risky. It can transmit bacteria from your skin to the oil and contaminate it. If you do not want to contaminate your oil, make use of gloves.
  2. Utilize a Dedicated Rig for Dabbing: You may use an attachment for your rig for dabbing to smoke concentrates. However, the residue from your dry herbs smoked in the pipe can make your dabbing experience less clean. However, utilizing a dedicated rig can help you enjoy the full flavour of cannabis without affecting its taste.
  3. Let the Nail Cool: Smokers can have a bad experience with dabbing because of the heat. Allowing your cannabis concentrates to combust for very long can hurt your lungs badly. Moreover, high temperatures eradicate the cannabis compounds responsible for smell and flavour. Allowing your nail to cool or banger to cool can help you avoid preceding issues and help you dab comfortably.
  1. Utilize a Carb Cap: Using a carb cap will restrain the amount of airflow to your dab nail. It will help you utilize the last drop of your oil to punctuate the end of your hit. Capping a nail puts a rig under low pressure, lowers the bowling temperature of oil, and lets you smoke better.
  1. Utilize a Quartz Nail: Using a quartz nail is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the best taste of smoking cannabis concentrates. A quartz nail or a banger provides a very clean hit and pure taste of cannabis concentrates. Moreover, a quartz nail is durable than glass versions.
  1. Clean the Rig: To make the most out of your rig, never forget to clean it. The more frequently you clean your rig, the easier it will become for you to clean it. A perfectly clean rig helps smokers taste oil concentrates the best without the lasting taste of old concentrates.
  1. Upgrade the Rig: The easiest way to maximize your experience smoking cannabis with a rig is to upgrade it. You can upgrade your rib with a sub-chamber (percolator). A percolator permits to create smoke to interact with water and lower the temperature for dabbing. Best of all, a percolator ensures you get a cooler and smoother smoking experience without harming your lungs.


dab rig is a popular way of smoking cannabis oil. However, it is harsh to the lungs if you do not take the necessary precautions for dabbing. If you want to enjoy dabbing cannabis oil and maximize your experience, you may benefit from the following tips:

  1. Use gloves for dabbing your concentrate.
  2. Use a dedicated dab rig to dab your concentrate.
  3. Allow your dab nail to cool for some time after heating it.
  4. Make use of a carb cap.
  5. Make use of a quartz nail.
  6. Clean your rig perfectly before you dab your concentrate.
  7. Upgrade your rig to get cleaner and smoother hits.

To sum up, invest in high-quality rigs for dabbing to ensure you get the best out of your dabbing experience.

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