COVID-19: Chile and Mexico are going for mass vaccinations.

Maria Irene Ramirez, who is an intensive-care nurse wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible because she wanted to be in the “line of fire”.

The vaccination program in Mexico started on Thursday, and the first one to get vaccinated is a nurse that wanted to get it done as soon as possible so could go back to helping people get treated for COVID-19.

Mexico got its vaccines on Wednesday; the shipment was of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. Seeing that Mexico has gotten the COVID-19 vaccines, Chile followed it and got the vaccines and later Costa Rica did the same thing.

Mexico has thousands of COVID-19 patients and deaths, it is right behind countries like India, USA, and Brazil. Argentina on the other hand got the vaccines from Russia named “Sputnik V” vaccines. They got their vaccines delivered on Thursday morning. The number of vaccines that came in the shipment were in 300,000 doses.

In Mexico, the first person to get vaccinated was Maria Irene Ramirez, who is 59, and said that she is afraid but she also said that we have to move on from this fear and get back to work, which was to help beat COVID-19 as fast as possible.

mass vaccinations

The first shipment came to Mexico on Wednesday, from Belgium where the vaccine is being made currently. Mexico also said that its first task is to get all the health workers vaccinated so that they can be immune to the virus and treat the COVID-19 patients without any fear. So far, Mexico’s COVID-19 death count is over more than 100,000. Therefore, the vaccines need to be administered fast so that the death toll count can be reduced and the COVID-19 pandemic can finally see its end. Only proper routine effort from each individual will decide what the course of the world will be in over the next few months.




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