Butt-less PJs advertisement sparks massive confusion among users.

Online advert that is all about having butt-less pyjamas is on the internet everywhere.

Butt-less PJs advertisement sparks massive confusion among users.


The advertisement of butt-less pyjamas started to appear as early as last week, which is weirdly being promoted by thousands of retailers throughout the internet. This has caused a lot of confusion among the users, and has also made them ask questions such as why is such a product being advertised to them?


There are many reasons as to why the advertisement is being shown all over the internet, as one expert said that these ads must be a way to collect necessary information from the consumers. The first ever ad for these butt-less pyjamas came on the website Elle.com. This advertisement is said to be Chinese, and according to Mat Morrison, who is a director at Digital Whiskey—a marketing agency, the advertisers in China have a long-term history of utilizing such methods that are provocative to grab the attention of the consumers.


The reason for the advertisement to be seen by so many people in such a short time could be because of the target parameters being broad and wide as compared to the usual. According to the director, the end point of the ad was most probably to increase the sales of the product. This method of advertisement worked in such a way that when one clicks on the ad, similar ads will start popping up later on all because of a retargeting cookie. The internet has given many ways for Chinese advertises to expand their market to the Western people, and using such ways has helped the Chinese businesses despite it being incredibly messy. This lets them sell their product straight to the customers without any mid-seller in between, this is why China always has a big market everywhere in the world.






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