Bose’s sleep-centric earbuds do what they are called.

This year has been rough on everyone, due to working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has had irregular sleep cycles and their quality of sleep has been greatly affected by the work schedules and the laws that tell people to stay inside in order to not spread the virus has made people sluggish and lazy. Some sleep during the day while some just sleep very less.


Thankfully, Bose’s sleep earphones are here, they can provide you with the much-needed music and calming sounds that can help you sleep at night more properly. Sleepbuds as they are called by Bose, came in 2018, this second version solves some of the problems that were in the first version. The first one had a huge problem with the battery, which was a huge drawback for an earphone that costs 250 dollars, whilst it only had one job to do.


The Sleepbuds also had connection problems, which have been addressed in the second version. The battery is good enough to last the whole night, and the connection problems are gone as long as you keep the phone near the said distance directed by the manual on the Sleepbuds. You can wake up and put the Sleepbuds in the case and let them charge as you get ready for the day.


The Sleepbuds are built in a strong way, the design is perfect and it fits into the ear perfectly. Unlike regular earbuds, that come out of the ears, this one stays in and you can sleep in any position at night—making it highly comfortable. The soft rubbery material keeps the Sleepbuds in place and doesn’t let them irritate the ears. The price may be a bit too much, but anyone who has trouble with sleeping, can use these Sleepbuds, and listen to rain at night or ASMR videos that can put you to sleep easily all night.




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