Apple’s newest feature, the Fitness+ is bringing a new twist in walks through celebrities on your wrist.

The newest feature by Apple brings a special thing to help you stay in touch and be moved by numerous celebrities as you take a walk.

Here is a bit of something new from the mega giant tech brand Apple. After more than a month of releasing the Fitness+ application, Apple has brought in an amazing new feature on it. The new feature incorporates numerous celebrities who sing as you take a walk or workout. It is called “Time to Walk”, it is a tour hosted by numerous celebrities, to be exact.

The cast is incredibly diverse, they all came through an update on the application recently. The stars that are included on the update are: Dolly Parton, a universally beloved celeb, the forward of Warriors, Draymond Green, Shawn Mendes, and the star of Orange is the New Black, Uzo Aduba.

There will be five episodes, and they will be released on the Apple Watch Workout application. Soon, they will be shown as cards on the application’s feed.

Apple basically asks its guests to record while they are on a walk, it asks them to share stories and share three songs, these songs are played via the app and the images are sent to a little screen in order to create a semi-immersive atmosphere where the person working out won’t be distracted but will feel engaged to some degree. The user can save the episode and watch it later, for those who are using wheelchairs, Apple has made a feature for them called “Time to Push”, this feature is quite useful for people who utilize wheelchairs, it was also introduced few years back.

The great thing about this feature is that instead of listening to music and talking to yourself, you can have a buddy to walk with, as they talk to you, share their experience with you, after the end of the walk you might come out an even better person.







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