After photographing the body, Amazon will make $25 custom-fitted t-shirts.

Amazon has just launched its latest ”Made for You” creative mind service in the U.S. that allows customers to upload their measurements and two photographs to create a virtual body duplicate.” The first item is a $25 ‘Made for You’ T-shirt available in a range of colors, textures, necklines, and shirt/sleeve lengths.

Amazon ‘Made for You’ needs two head-to-toe pictures taken in the Amazon app, displaying the front and rear of your torso. After submitting your height, weight, and body type, Amazon will build your custom avatar. From there you can create custom t-shirts with a custom name tag.

The ‘Made for You’ product page is loaded with zealous quotes from fashion marketers. Sai De Silva is particularly eager to send her extremely private data to Amazon:

“Like a lot of fun”

“I need to make a virtual body double in my measurements. Too much fun, though.”

Although collecting body-type data would certainly help Amazon compete with conventional fashion houses, Amazon says consumers can delete it at any time by pressing the profile icon at the top left of their ‘Made for You’ page, according to TechCrunch. Amazon also says that the images will be removed immediately after making a double body. Amazon plans to expand ‘Made for You’ with more customer input styles and choices, according to TechCrunch.


The launch of Made for You follows Amazon’s discontinued Echo Look project involving stand-alone cameras providing fashion tips which concerned stand-alone cameras that offered fashion recommendations and come simply as a $99.99 corporate investment. Halo tracker is becoming more commonly available to monitor your body fat in 3D. Many of the people have already taken advantage of this new deal, it’s time you invest in some too as Christmas is near and soon after is new year’s eve which will be a great time to wear your customized t-shirt.

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