A review on Amazon Echo Frames.

    Alexa can do many things you tell her, but there is definitely a limit to what Alexa can do on the phone as compared to what it can do on Amazon Echo Frames.


    Amazon Echo Frames

    Amazon Echo Frames are better than they were expected to be. These frames are stylish, simple, and fancy. Smart is something it already is because of its microphone that you can use to command Alexa as well as its speakers that you can use to listen to songs. They come for a price of 249 dollars. And the lenses that it comprises of are made of plastic, you have a choice of going to an optometrist to put prescription lenses on it if you might need them.


    Echo Frames are basic, they have a very simple design yet it makes you look fancy and sophisticated when worn. The glasses are rectangular in shape, and they are offered in three colors, a tortoise color, a black to blue fade, and an all-black version. They fit well on everyone, they have a sort of an adjustability to them, no wonder they are considered all-purpose smart glasses.


    One thing about the Echo Frames is that the basic plastic lenses it comes with are very reflective, therefore it is kind of hard to drive or use phones and laptops with it, which is the reason Amazon gives its user the option of getting prescription lenses. The basic attributes of the glasses are simple too, it has a power button, volume buttons, and a mic as well as a pongo pin for charging which is magnetic. This is what makes the glasses smart, but the stems of the glasses seemed a bit heavy, although it could be different for everyone—they weigh about 31 g. Echo Frames can be used as headphones via Bluetooth and as a device that can command Alexa. The battery life lasts for 14 hours per day, and the audio quality is top-notch making it a must have smart glasses.




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