5 Unique Business Ideas in a Village

Most of India’s Population has grown up and lives in India’s villages. So, Rural India is the Real India. If you live in this real India, are struggling with finances but still want to start a successful business, this article is for none but you. It gives some small but different ideas that you can use to start something of your own if you live in an Indian village or a small town.

  1. Goat Farming

India is the largest producer of Goat Milk in the world and is ranked second for the production of goat meat. So making a Goat Farm of your own is one of the most profitable agriculture-related businesses that you can start in your village. And the best part about this idea is that you can easily get loans and subsidies to set up a Goat Farm for Goat Rearing, even from the Government itself.

Goat Farming Loan is a kind of loan which is used for Livestock Management and Breeding involving things like Land Purchase, Shed Construction, Buying Goats, and Purchasing Feed etc.

  1. Small-scale manufacturing Units:

If you want to invest in something that can give quick returns, go for small-scale manufacturing units. This is one of the best business ideas for villages where there is no scarcity of the raw material which can be used to make different products which are highly demanded both in rural and urban ideas.

Some of these products that you can manufacture at your unit are:

  • Agarbatti or Incense sticks
  • Jute bags
  • Candles or matchboxes
  • Paper cup or Paper plates
  1. Producing Organic

The demand for Organic Products is very high today, especially in high-class societies in the big towns. So Organic Farming is one of the best things you can do to get high

Returns from a sustainable business in a village.

  1. Starting an Educational Institution

 Considering the state of Education in most Indian Villages, starting an educational institute is one of the best start up ideas if you live in one of them. This will not only earn you money but also blessings and good will as it will work for the larger good of the society.

  1. Flower Farming

It might sound very basic but Floriculture is one of the best things you can do if you stay in a village. Since there is a huge demand of fresh flowers in India for a variety of things like religious purposes, social functions and even daily use; this business can help you make you a good turnover. Another good thing about Flower Farming is that with good labor, flowers can grow throughout the year so you don’t have to wait for a season to get returns from it.

Most of these businesses require land and labor. Both of these are not a big problem since you live in a village. But some of them need some capital investment which you might not have right now. Even if that is the case, you can still start a good business of your own with the help of small business loans. Small business loans as the name suggests are focused on meeting the financial requirements of a small or medium enterprise. These small loans are either available with the Banks or The Indian Government which provides the necessary assistance in the form of loans to small businessmen and new entrepreneurs to encourage them to start and grow.

You can get various such loans without any security, for your business. Construction Loan, Machinery Loan and MSME Loan are some of them.  The Machinery Loan can be used to get money for setting up the equipment or machinery for your new venture.

Machinery Loan is extremely beneficial as it helps you achieve more productivity and hence, higher profits from your business. You can not only benefit from this loan by buying new machinery or equipment, in fact you can also get your old faulty or broken machinery repaired. Many financial institutions in India provide a Machinery Loan up to 2 cr., with minimal requirements and no security.

Conclusion: There is a lot of potential in the small Indian villages for successful businesses.  You just need to be smart, sensible and make good use of the resources and the knowledge available to you to yield its benefits. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR NEW VENTURE.

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