New technologies came that have kept people fascinated, like phones, consoles, chipsets and a lot more.

2020 may have been the year of the COVID-19, where people have been isolated from their family and friends and all they can do is rely on technology, and luckily enough the technology delivered impressively. Because of our smartphones, laptops, drones etc. we have been able to keep up with our jobs and lifestyle, and it has been a tremendous help.


Companies like Microsoft, SONY, Apple, all have delivered impressive gadgets that have kept our 2020 engaged in our homes and has keep out life going.


Some of the most welcoming gadgets of 2020 were the following:


PS5 (PlayStation 5):

PS5 (PlayStation 5)


The long awaited PS5 made its launch back in 2020, with the newest controller ever that is like no other previous PlayStation’s controller. The trigger resistance as well as the haptics are different, really gives an engaging experience to the player. The PS5 came with new hardware that gave realistic graphics a chance on games. This console has kept people indoors and safe by letting them play amazing games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, NBA 2K21, and plenty more.


5G Phones:


Samsung S20 & S20 Plus:

Samsung S20 & S20 Plus


The first 5G phones to make its way into the market were the Samsung S20 and S20 Plus, both supported 5G, although they were planned to spread the 5G capability, it seems people are still doing fine with 4G and it will take time for 5G to become common.


iPhone 12:

iPhone 12

Another phone that was to promote the 5G connection was the iPhone 12. People didn’t buy iPhone 12 because it supported 5G, they simply bought it because it is a valuable product to own, like always since it is from Apple.


M1 Chip:

M1 Chip


Apple’s M1 chip is deemed as the most valuable technology that came out of 2020 so far. This chipset has allowed apps to run even faster than before, increasing the level of laptops and tablets that are in the market.


And other gadgets:

Aside from the amazing gadgets mentioned above, some that were quiet interesting were the GoPro Hero 9, Mario Kart remote control for AR cars (Live Home Circuit), Asus ROG G14 gaming laptop, and SONY’s headphones: WH-1000XM4 etc. This year may have been bad, but as far as the technology goes, which this year needed the most, it’s been good because of that.

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