10 million dollars to be paid by Tickermaster for hacking into its competition which is also a ticket seller.

During a company summit, the login credentials were used to hack into the rival company.

Ticketmaster has finally accepted the penalty for hacking into its competitor’s server, and it has to pay 10 million dollars for the unlawful act. The company came clean and told that they hired a former worker from its competitor called CrowdSurge to use his credentials that he used to login there and hack into the servers of CrowdSurge in order to learn their business model and how they operated. This was done to “cut off at the knees” while talking about the CrowdSurge company.


Ticketmaster’s workers logged into the servers of CrowdSurge in order to collect intelligence regarding their business, later one, Tickermaster deliberately held a summit for the sole purpose of using the login credentials to hack into the computers of the rival company. The allegations of hacking started being made back in 2017, when CrowdSurge merged with Songkick, after merging it came to know that they were being hacked countless times since 2013-2014. The company, Live Nation, which is parent company of Ticketmaster, hired a former worker of CrowdSurge back in 2013, and used him and his credentials to log in to the rival company to hack them. Ticketmaster came to know of this and immediately fired the executive known as Zeeshan Zaidi as well as other executives which were a part of this illegal act. These executives tried to hack the rival company in such a way that their ticketing pages would be hard to find.


This all ended when the connection to CrowdSurge was broken when CrowdSurge merged with Songkick, and they both sued Ticketmaster and Live Nation for abusing antitrust laws. Ticketmaster apologized for the actions of its former employees and were satisfied that the issue was resolved, and will be paying 10 million dollars as a penalty.



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