TikTok has finally started displaying its content on Android TV.

The TikTok app has finally arrived on the Play Store, but so far, the application is not available everywhere.

TikTok is a global app, it has entertained more than a billion people world-wide and it is continuing to entertain them. So many artists have found their voices through TikTok, be it performance, educationists, makeup artists, musicians, gamers, you name it. There is not a single soul that has not used or seen TikTok, although that might be some sort of an exaggeration but it is the truth also. Recently TikTok has decided to make its policies stronger, put verification on its content and safeguard its users because of many issues by numerous governments of the worlds, but so far everything seems to be in place and well put.

Which is the reason why TikTok is now expanding itself to the android TV platform, you can find the application on the android TVs now, and use it. But so far, according to the reports, this TV app is only available in a few regions, maybe TikTok is just checking how it will fare in the world of TV, but so far it is doing fine. There is no word as of yet from TikTok if this app will be available all around the globe in the coming months.

The app was first seen on Wednesday on the Google Play Store and many people could not use it because of the restrictions set by the region. And the reason the application was not working for many people on the TV was because the app is so far compatible with TVs from Sony, TCL, Sharp, Hisense, Philips, Skyworth, Toshiba, Xiaomi, and Panasonic. Only time will tell when this app will be available on other brands and around the globe, as with the TV app, the whole family can enjoy different content altogether.




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