Peacock has achieved 33 million signups way before it even got The Office on it!

Everyone is stunned as to how Peacock got a 33 million signups even before it got the classic series The Office on it.

NBC Universal’s streaming service known as Peacock has gotten a total of 33 million signups on it in the fourth quarter, according to the parent company known as Comcast. This was known on Thursday, as Peacock got a total signups of 11 million in the third quarter.

The company has clearly surpassed the expectations that Wall Street had for it while Comcast has so far seen that the coronavirus has impacted most of the entertainment as well as theme park sectors.

It is not yet known if Peacock is going to have a huge surge of new subscribers on it because of the arrival of The Office, but The Office has been the most seen series during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic as people have been working from home and they got to see The Office and get a sense of how things used to be and remember the good things about their office life. Peacock has seen a lot of subs so far, and it is deemed to be in the league of other popular new streaming services such as HBO Max and even Disney Plus. HBO Max has a total of 40 million subs while Disney Plus has a total of 86 million subs. But the thing with Peacock right now is that, it may have 33 million signups, but the catch is there is no telling how many subscribers are going to come out of it.

Everything depends on what type of content that Peacock has on its streaming service if it wants to stay in the leagues of big streaming services like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and HBO Max etc. Maybe The Office is exactly what the streaming service needs, only time will tell that though.




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