Mobile application of DC is being relaunched in order to focus on the comics.

    HBO Max is home for the shows and movies, now, it is time for the comics to get some platform.

    DC’s comics application is getting a major overhaul, it is being revamped as DC Universe Infinite on January 21st. The DC Universe, the original one before HBO Max included both the shows as well as the comics, while DCEU was for the movies, but shows and movies have gone to HBO Max, leaving behind comics but DC has made a house for comics as well in the form of an app. The price of the application will be the same, it will be 7.99 dollars, the prices won’t be affected only the design and name will be.

    The application will of course have its perks. The DC Universe Infinite application will have the latest comics 6 months before they are released in stores—this is a huge plus point to get it for comic book fans. DC also said that their reading mode in the application has also changed and users will be able to customize the titles.  The application is similar to Marvel’s application for comics, which is called Marvel Unlimited. Marvel’s comic book app costs 2 dollars more than DC’s comic book application.

    The comics have so many universes to read from, DC is currently focusing on the Multiverse aspect of itself, movies and shows as well as comics are deemed canon no matter what universe they are from. Since HBO Max has become the home for DC’s tv shows and movies, especially due to the immense success of Wonder Woman 84 on HBO Max, the executives have faith that this is the future way of releasing their content—HBO Max has become the home for movies and tv shows, while DC Universe Infinite is the home for comics.




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