Is It Alright to End Online Dating?

Apps have flaws (wrong bugs, more like that make them hard to love. People are trudging through matches that don’t give rise to interactions, long text exchanges that don’t convert into real life, and the underlying problem of rejecting a person immediately, based on a picture.

That’s why I say if you want to rage to delete a dating app after two weeks, then try to install it a month ago, do it. Let me tell you why: if you’re annoyed and irritable, and you’ve just had it you’re not going to be thinking about sifting through profiles looking for a real connection. And who could blame you for that? Boredom is real, truly. Constantly sweeping your mind is numbing and disheartening.

Online Dating

Allow yourself a little time to heal. Fresh eyes are going to help you when you match someone who’s making an effort. Rather than casting your eyes to the stars, wondering if you should have another conversation about how you wanted to be a lawyer because you used to watch Matlock come back with your grandma every summer, you’re going to have a reserve of goodwill and hope to draw from. What keeps a lot of users on The Apps is FOMO. (Fear of missing out It’s the lingering suspicion that if you don’t treat internet dating like it’s your work, the one individual you’ve been searching for this whole time will appear and vanish when you let yourself down after a three-week flicking period.

FOMO is a trick, man. Your mental wellbeing is more essential than that. Given, it can be hard to walk away. Just nowadays, is Cuffing Season, the time of year singles are searching for someone to hunker down as seasons change.

Online Dating

Hypothermia is inevitable if you don’t find somebody to watch Parks and Rec on the couch with you for the fifth time. Don’t buy that hype, however. Do what’s right for you to do.

In non-pandemic times, I will encourage you to try to meet new people offline. Don’t get lost in believing online dating is your only choice. Sure, it’s trendy, but people still meet through parties, gatherings, and a fitness center. (but don’t be going to parties and gatherings these days due to virus).

Right now when you feel the wave of anger overreaching you, log off and come back when you feel better—whenever you feel better.


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