In order to push for 2000-dollar stimulus checks, McConnell has tied full repeal with Section 230.

The internet law that will be repealed that can be poisonous for the Democrats.

According to The Verge, the bill text that was attained, gave the information that Mitch McConnel introduced a bill that would increase the amount of stimulus checks through the full repeal of the Section 230. This bill comes with demands to be fulfilled that are to increase the stimulus check amounts to 2000 dollars and to please the increasing demands of President Donald Trump. This bill can be passed because Mitch Connell is the Leader of the Senate Majority and this can be bad news for the Democrats.


Democratic leaders have criticized this new bill and have accused the Senate Majority leader Mitch Connell’s repealing of the Section 230 as a way to abuse the stimulus checks by increasing it to 2000 dollars. They tell him that the new bill is perfect for Mitch Connell as he knows how to use 2000 dollars and survive with them. The leader of the Senate Minority, Chuck Schumer said that it is up to the Republicans now if they want to pass this bill or not.


The Republicans before Tuesday opposed the bill that would increase the stimulus check amount, but then later on, they started supporting it with numerous other Democrats. McConnell doesn’t just want the stimulus payments increased but at the same time he wants the full repealing of Section 230 which also includes a law that protects big tech companies such as Google and Facebook related to the content that is posted on these platforms; this law protects the legal ramifications of the content posted on these platforms.


Therefore, the President Donald Trump wants the 2000-dollar stimulus check approved and the big tech companies to be less protected by what is posted on their platforms as no legal ramifications thus far can be taken on the biased and supposed “fake” news that these platforms allegedly spread according to the President Donald Trump and his supporters.




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