Here’s what Hitman 3 appears like in VR technology.

    IO Interactive released a trailer that reveals what the Hitman 3 Virtual reality mode does look like. In brief, it’s possibly like whatever you’ve expected if you’ve enjoyed recent games—which means it looks like a whole much fun. A hands-on look shows Agent 47 doing a lot of bad guys and trap-setting, and also an array of mundane activities used to keep concealed during operations. There seem to be a few interactive experiences created only for the virtual reality part, like pressing the enemy on the shoulders and rapidly getting out of sight to trick them. And just like the base game, there seems to be a load of interactive objects that should transfer well into virtual reality.

    Yet another thing I’m intrigued about is the complexity of this VR mode. Hitman is a remarkably tough game, particularly if you want to finish every goal without alerting your foes. There are typically threats coming from all directions to you, and there was just a lot to pay attention to. But, like all trailers, this one published recently makes the VR mode look like more of an active action break. Not being able to see Agent 47’s shiny, barcode-laden bonce makes it look like a good James Bond game, which, ironically, is the next project in the studio.

    Hitman 3

    As the creator confirmed when the feature was revealed in 2020, any location from the recent Hitman games will be playable in virtual reality via PlayStation VR. To be specific, you will need to own Hitman and Hitman 2 to play those levels in VR, and Hitman 3 will provide a way to import those environments.

    For now, this feature only comes to the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game via the PlayStation Virtual reality headset. And though the game is being published on the PC, we’ll likely see this mode making its way to other platforms at some point, including Steam VR or Oculus. The base game will also be released on January 20th for the above-listed systems as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Google Stadia. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch through cloud streaming technology.

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    Here’s what Hitman 3 appears like in VR technology.

    IO Interactive released a trailer that reveals what the Hitman 3 Virtual reality mode does look like. In brief, it's possibly like whatever you've...

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