HBO Review & How does HBO’s ad-free business model work?

HBO is one of the most popular and high in demand channels in the USA, one of the reasons for being famous includes a variety of content for all age groups for adults and kids. It is the only service provider that shows you a movie on the screen as soon as it is launched in cinema theater with no additional costs then you are paying already for viewing the channel.


The HBO itself is different from the newly launched HBO max that has a better and user-friendly interface. You will fall in love with it while scrolling if you compare it with the interface of HBO. In case, you do not have HBO, you will be charged separately for the subscription. The monthly charges are $15 every month. The subscription usually comes free with your HBO. However, many people find it hard to believe that the subscription is free.


Its strong competitors are Amazon, Roku, and lacks 4K HDR streaming. If you compare prices on HBO with its competitors, HBO max is the most expensive one as Netflix charges under $15 and Disney charges under $10. Hulu has three different prices as it keeps in mind both the price-sensitive customers and the people who can pay large sums.

Device Support

It provides convenience for customers in various aspects it’s available on all apple’s devices including iPad, iPod, iPhone. It is also on gear that runs Google’s Android operating system for phones and tablets, as well as Android TV devices, Chromebooks, and Google Chromecast etc.

Parental Controls

HBO is known for the adult content but HBO max has brought a lot of content for the kids bringing Lego movies, cartoon networks, and Disney-related stuff. In addition, the privacy of the user is accepted Parental controls can be robust. Therefore, you can easily customize kids’ profiles to decide which shows they can watch or access, and even create a password that locks them into their account while watching so that they cannot switch over to the adult profiles to watch anything inappropriate for their profile.



1) Infinity train

Infinity train would make you love cartoons even if you are not quite a fan of them. All four seasons are loved and highly ranked by the viewers it brings the most interesting and thrilling stories. It has all character-driven storylines. Its storylines and complexities are not only for kids but any age group is definitely going to love it. Its first season is about a girl who goes through immense trauma after her parents got divorced and two other main characters surrounding the girl, a robot and a talking corgi. It is about a train that the girls enter along with her two friends and there she sees all the people are facing some severe mental issues and the only way for them to get out of the train is to solve the issue first.

2) Love life

It is based on an anthology and shows the story of a girl who dates different men until she finds out who she actually wants to be with. All those breakups made her upset but when she finally finds her soulmate, she understood why these all did not work in the first place.

3) Ghosts

Ghosts is a very famous season as a very talented writer who wrote horrible stories first that was quite loved, writes it. It is a blend of comedy and scare, the comedy is light and refreshing that makes you fall in love with the cast. It is about a woman who gets married to a lazy and incompetent person so she has to manage the old mansion that she has inherited and it involves friendship and cheerful comedy.

How does HBO’s ad-free business model work?

The main source of revenue for HBO is cable subscriptions. For example, if you have Spectrum TV, you can get HBO additionally by paying an extra amount on top of your monthly bill. HBO is a premium network that charges customers extra and you cannot access it regularly.

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