A warranty is being sold by DJI to replace a drone if the drone flies away.

    Cost is less as compared to replacing a drone.

    DJI is offering a warranty for their Mavic Air 2 as well as for Mini 2 in case the drones somehow develop consciousness and start flying somewhere else entirely. The replacement for the drones, such as for Mini is 225 dollars and for the Mavic drone it is 399 dollars, which is more than what DJI’s warranty is offering. The warranty is called DJI’s Care Refresh warranty. For the warranty services, you will only have to pay 50 dollars for the Mini and only 80 dollars when it comes to Mavic. If one owns any of these two drones, then they will be eligible for the warranty service if in case the drone flies away somewhere.

    This warranty replaces the drone two times a year, all for 50 dollars, both for Mini and for the Mavic. If the drone somehow goes out of your sight, as said earlier, then you can get a replacement for it again. Although, there is a two-year warranty version, which also costs a bit more, and this warranty covers up two flyaways and three accidents altogether.

    The drones won’t be covered by DJI if they are lost, it will only be covered in case they fly away. Of course, people do not want their drones to fly away in the first place as it would be too hectic to go through all of this. DJI further said that the accidents can happen for various reasons such as interference in the signals, complex environments, strong winds, as well as obstructed views. Therefore, it is nice that some solution is brought up for drones flying away as it has happened before, so having this warranty can be quite useful.



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