A flaw in the testing of COVID-19 can check for the new variant in the coronavirus.

It can definitely aid the US in order to monitor it.

A flaw in the COVID-19 testing procedure can help the medical professionals to check for the new variant of the coronavirus in people. It can also help them stop its spread by identifying it quickly. The new variant of the coronavirus was identified a week and so far, it is also spreading like it has spread in the United Kingdom. This new variant of the coronavirus has been found in many different countries, and the United States is one of them.


This new variant is not deemed to be more dangerous than the previous variant, but experts do believe that it can spread faster than the previous one. Aside from being able to pass quickly there is no other thing that is different in this variant than the previous one. But it being able to pass quickly can be a bad thing as it could pressure the hospitals and the clinics with more patients than before.


The US has not been monitoring the virus as thoroughly as the UK, which is the reason the variant has gone past unnoticed at this point. The officials say that the variant can be tracked which is called the “B.1.1.7” via the standard form of COVID-19 testing procedure. The testing is done by taking the COVID-19 genetic material via a swab of mucus and spit. These tests do not check every single gene, instead they just check 2 to 3 things. The gene where the mutation occurred was the coronavirus S gene, this gene is also responsible for linking with cells and binding with them.


Researchers have called this thing very useful in checking if someone has the new variant of the coronavirus. The US plans to thoroughly examine the new variant and put out vaccines that can prevent people from getting the previous COVID-19 as well as the new variant.



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